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Noventha Clarensia profile : student talented

      I have a junior that has joined a student talented contest around all faculty of Jenderal Soedirman University. she named Noventha Clarensia. she was born in Cilacap on 9 November 1999,she is so young right? and you kno? she is still 17 years old. In Purwokerto she live with her sister and her paraents in Cilacap. For your information, even though she live and school in Purwokerto now, she was school in Cilacap when she was on primary school,junior high school, senior high school in cilacap.

       Even she is a student talented she also has a hobby as like as normal people,lol. her hobby is singing ,swimming, listening a song, and go to nowhere(jalan") ,lol. For your information i have ever heard she sing a song and her voices are so good,believe me i'm not lying . About swimming i don't know she is good on it or not,hehe . 

   When I asked her why she chosen to school on English Diploma Program of Jenderal Soedirman University she answered because she likes English language and she chosen Jenderal University because she want to and also not far from her paraents. when i asked her why she want to become a talented student and what the first thing we have to do if we want to be talented student. she answered she don't want to become talented student at first,and when there is an some audition she was registered by her friend and she don't know about it. When she was called to gather in some room to audition she was confused and she ask to herself like "me?what? i didn't registered on it!". 

     Live is must go on so she not matter with it anymore even though she do not want to become talented student but she start want to and try at least this selection is just for experience . At first she was pessimist because her challenger is the champion last year. you know? at last she won because her luck and go to the next selection on all faculty. After selection on all faculty you know? she won again,what a good luck right?!

       even though at first she do not want to become a talented student but she must try to fight with out of her comfort way and try to love to do this. she said we must to try loved what we do and give it all and trust to Allah SWT. 


Selasa, 18 April 2017


            HELLO GUYS!!....
I have a friend who is have unique characters, named Fendy Dwi Sakaputra. Want to know about him? Let’s check it out! Happppppy reading guys!
Fendy Dwi Saka Putra was born in Purbalingga on 15 May 1991 .He lives on Purbalingga. He is the last child on his family.He have a hobby that is play music.  Now he is 26 years old . Just for your info, he was a student of Jenderal Soedirman University, but now he has graduate already. He studied since 2009 till 2016. I know right, he takes so long time to graduate from university but I am sure he has some reasons for that. Even though when I asked him why it takes so long he answers , “study is not all about how long do you take, how fast do you end on it.”
this photo when he was graduation 

“ When I was on university I am not spending my time just for study the material anyway . I am spending my time like for organization and work . You know when you get graduate fast on university , it means you got nothing from your university” said Fendy.  Then, I realized that he is right anyway and it is inspire me so much .Beside he is study, he also did some works for help his parents. He works as a keyboardist on the band . His bands are Kala Senja, Resevoimeer 1985. He is jamming from café to the other café ,

This photo took after he performed , fendy is on number three from right side

 it’s not bad overall because from this he got 100 thousand rupiah per show . I have ever saw his jam and it’s good . He also ask me to accompany him to go to the show when I asked him ,” why do you takes me?” , he answer ,” just accompany me and you will get some acquaintance and experience “ . Then he is right again about this one .
            I know the  knowledge is important but of course you know that knowledge is not only you get from school, but from anything . After he graduated from school he is work on of  hotel on Cilongok, Banyumas, Jawa Tengah. It was but today it is not anymore because he resign and want to do business . Now he is do business that selling chicken Kentucky with spicy sauce .  He do this with his friends,arta and dea.
            This product called Gagal Diet Purwokerto. I was tasted it and it is delicious though . The cost of this Rp 10.000 per each , and Rp 15.000 for the special menu that consist of chicken Kentucky with spicy sauce and salad. If you want to taste it, you can contact them on instagram @Gagaldiet_Pwt .  Not only band and business that he likes to do, he also likes make jokes when are on gather. His joke is little funny because sometime his joke is doesn’t make sense, lol.

Fendy is on the right side

            So we can learn from his short life story, knowledge is important but we must take it easy and do some activities that you love. We also must independent and confident to be alive. We must strong and don’t give up if you fall down and know that the world is not end yet just because you have done one failure. There is one the most important thing that is we have to trust to do God and believe him and always pray to Him, because 

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   Do you know about skateboarding? skateboard is an action and dangerous sports which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. When I was a student on senior high school i was played it every day. I know skateboarding since I was a child, but only played on video game. When I was a child I played a video game about this, I was like "what is that thing? I want to try that",till I'm on senior high school I start to play it on reality . I start to play it because of my cousin, he want me to accompany him to somewhere and it doesn't matter for me. Then , he bring me to spot that lot of people play skateboarding and it's remind me to my childhood that i want to play it. Then on the next day I and my cousin start to practice . every day we play skateboard .

   There are so many experience because skateboarding,include bad experience . Did you know? I have ever had amnesia for one day because of it! okay in will tell you. When I was second grade on senior high school, one day on evening I practice and keep practicing then I take a rest for a while. Then I watch to my friend that he's doing some tricks that his board turning around and i was wondering and like "what is that? how can he do that?". Then I take my board then I try to do as same as he did. I was wrong,that trick is difficult , so when I try it I fell down to the ground and hit my back head. When I fell I can't stand up so my friends help me up then ask me "are you okay?" . Then I said " where am i?", " you are on mitsu( the spot name), and you just fell down" said my friend. "what? who are you? and why my back head is hurt" said my self, then my friends so confused then one of my friends said " I'm Rio,and your name is Ryan, you want to get back to home?" said Rio. "what? i don't know where my home is" said my self. Then my friend bring me back to home because I forget my way back to home. When I arrived I just come in and my friends go back to their home because they afraid to be scolded by my parents so they did that.

   Then I come to my bedroom and lay down then I sleep. Then , on the next day I wake up and surprise , why can I in my room and I remember that i was fell down yesterday , then on evening on that day I go to the mitsu again ask my friends "what is happening on yesterday? " " yesterday you had amnesia because you are fell down on your back head! hahah" then we are laughing together. I know that worst experience but i never stop to play skateboard , because this is my passion and when I skate I'm so happy and even i get pain it doesn't matter for me because no pain no gain right?. In skateboarding I have a lot of friends and I'm glad for it . I have ever went to Jakarta just want to play skateboard and it's fun to go somewhere just to skate . I promise I will never to stop it till my physically can't do that anymore.

Minggu, 02 April 2017

Movie Review - CLICK


Adam Sandler holding a television remote control

  Genre                                                      : Fantasy,Comedy,Family
  Directed by                                            :Frank Coraci
Produced by                                         :Adam Sandler
Jack Giarraputo
Neal H. Moritz
Steve Koren
Mark O'Keefe
Written by                                          : Steve Koren,
Mark O'Keefe.

Starring                                              :Adam Sandler,
Kate Beckinsale,
Christopher Walken,
Henry Winkler,
David Hasselhoff,
Julie Kavner,
Sean Astin

Music by                                             :Rupert Gregson-Williams
Cinematography                                  :Dean Semler
Edited by                                             :Jeff Gourson
Production Company                           :Revolution Studios Happy Madison
Original Film Distributed by                :Columbia Pictures
Release date                                           :June 23, 2006
Running time                                         :107 minutes
Country                                                   :United States
Language                                                 :English


     A man named Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is a hardworking architect who is married to his longtime sweetheart, Donna Newman (Kate Beckinsale) with two children, Ben and Samantha. Michael is easily pushed around by his overbearing boss, John Ammer (David Hasselhoff). On numerous occasions, Michael chooses working over family functions. While going in search of a universal remote control at the retail store Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael falls onto a bed and then proceeds to the section marked "Beyond". There, he befriends a mysterious man named Morty (Christopher Walken), who gives him a "universal" remote control for free and warns him that it can never be returned.
     To Michael's amazement, he finds that this remote can actually control time and space, as if reality were a television program. He can revisit past memories, lower volume of surrounding noise, freeze and fast forward through time. At first, Michael uses the remote to have fun, but then starts to use it for his benefit, including using its universal language adaptor to interpret for foreign clients or go back to past events in his life, including a time in his childhood. During a camping trip in Lake Winnipesaukee, his parents had a barbeque, but the other kids had declined his invitation in favor of another family who had more compared to his family. This shows an insight to Michael's adult personality; his determination to succeed in order to avoid raising his family in the same squalor his parents did. Morty tries in a broken way to explain the error of Michael's work ethic, as well as not to take Donna for granted by showing some of Michael's past girlfriends who were homely or had awful personalities. However, Michael also uses the remote to skip quarrels with Donna, to avoid suffering a cold by skipping to the point at which he recovers, and to skip a family dinner in order to finish an important project. Later, Morty reveals that when Michael fast-forwards through time, his body is on "auto-pilot", meaning his mind skips ahead while his body goes through the motions of everyday life. After seeing his children upset that he cannot afford new bicycles he promised for them, Michael decides to use the remote to fast forward to when Ammer delivers on his promised partnership, but learns that it was one whole year ahead. Michael finds out that, during the span of that year, he entered marriage counseling; his children prefer to watch CSI instead of Dragon Tales; and he missed the death of his dog. To make matters worse, the remote begins fast-forwarding on its own, as a feature that would automatically follow Michael's preferences based on how he used it. Michael's various attempts to dispose of or destroy the remote fail, giving him the resolve to regain agency of his life.
      The next day, Ammer tells Michael he is retiring and suggests that one day Michael may end up CEO. Momentarily forgetting his plan to outfox the remote, Michael says he would like to end up CEO; the remote reacts accordingly and fast-forwards to the year 2017. In the future Michael has achieved everything he wished, and is now the new CEO of the company after Ammer moves to Morocco with Donna's best friend, Janine (Jennifer Coolidge). Michael has all the material wealth and luxuries he could ever want, albeit at the cost of his family's state. Michael has become very unhealthy over the ten years causing him to become obese and discovers he resides in a penthouse by himself. After discovering his new life, and unaware that he and Donna have been divorced, Michael wishes to go back to his house, and the remote fast forwards him there. However, when he returns to his old house Michael is resented by everyone in his family and realizes the divorce. He also discovers that Donna has married Bill, who coached Ben's swim team. While visiting his family, Michael meets Ben who is now an overweight teenager with self-esteem issues from copying his father's eating habits and Samantha who has grown into a beautiful young lady, but moody with similar attitude problems like Ben's. He then fights with Donna and Bill, before confronting Morty who reveals his life choices caused him to become an overweight workaholic who neglected his family. The new family dog then pounces on him, causing him to fall and hit his head on a brick wall, knocking him into a coma.
      Having "learned" from Michael when he skipped his cold, the remote fast forwards through Michael's coma and transports him to 2023, where he has finally woken up. Michael had suffered a heart attack while in a coma, but is no longer obese. Ben is also in shape and is now Michael's partner. Michael is devastated when Ben tells him his father Ted (Henry Winkler) has died, and Michael, while visiting his father's grave, tries to use the remote to go to the moment when Ted was on his deathbed, but Morty appears, saying that it will not take him there; the time travel function only works for events Michael was physically present. Michael uses the remote to take him to the point when he last saw Ted alive, which is when Ted made an impromptu visit to his son's and grandson's office. Michael sees that, while on auto-pilot, he had brusquely rejected his father's offer for a night out with him. Heartbroken, Ted says, "I love you, son," and walked away with Ben. Although aghast, Michael "pauses" Ted to get in his last words and tell his unaware father that he loves him too and will miss him. Morty reveals he is in fact the Angel of Death. Upset with his life, Michael begs to go to a "good place", and fast forwards to Ben's wedding in the year 2029. Although Michael is glad, he also sees Samantha calling Bill "Dad", and the shock triggers a second heart attack. When Michael awakens in a hospital wing, Morty appears and tells him that he has chosen his path and is powerless to do anything about it. Michael's family arrives, and Ben tells his dad their business is in trouble, so he has cancelled his honeymoon to leave temporarily and patch things up. Michael tries to tell Ben it isn't fair for him to neglect his wife, but to no avail. After Ben and Samantha leave, Michael struggles out of the bed and feebly chases after them. Not wanting Ben to make the same mistakes he did, Michael tries to reach Ben before he leaves for his flight. Although Morty protests that Michael will die unless he goes back to the hospital, Michael insists he needs to speak his last words to his family. Michael reaches his family and collapses, but manages to convince Ben that family must come first; he reassures the others that he still loves them, and Morty approaches to take him. The family weeps as Michael dies.
     Michael wakes up in the bed onto which he had collapsed at Bed Bath & Beyond, convinced that the events have all been a crazy dream. A reformed Michael bumps into a store employee (Nick Swardson), whom earlier said he had no friends, so Michael gives the man his business card and says they should get together. A joyous Michael drives through town, being cheerful to everyone and then stops at his parents' house, telling them his door is always open for them. A pensive Michael goes home, but finds the remote on the kitchen counter along with a note by Morty, who says "good guys need a break" and Morty knows Michael will do right by his family this time. A reflective Michael now realizes his experience was not a dream but a warning. Grateful, Michael thanks Morty but throws the remote in the trash, and it does not reappear, indicating that he has ultimately made the right choice this time. He runs to the living room and offers to play with his kids.


I think this movie is such a good movie,because it is funny and it makes me remind me about my family when i watched this. This movies is about when you get a thing that you could go to the future as can as you want what you gonna do?. This graphic and soundtrack also good too. This movie actually so touchy because micheal (Adam Sandler) so love his family but when he got bored with someone or something that makes him mad,he always use the remote to skip the time . Unfortunately, micheal is use it more than normal so he jump to the future where he was divorce with his wife and his got disease . Of course he was got shocked and also sad because his son told him that his dad has passed away and he regret he can't tell him that he loves his dad. When he is dying he tells his son to love his wife,mother because the important thing is famly, and that was the touchy scene ever. So, I learn from this movie, we have to loves our family no matter what because i also think tha tthe important thing in this world is family,and don't complaint about your life when your life is getting harder just keep pushing,keep trying and don't giving up on life.

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Are person who were 
born just to make me happy
How can't?
Just seeing you i'm smiling immediately 
You same as sweet as heaven 
And prettier than rose 
Oh God , Please don't throw her away from earth 
it will makes me empty 

Mohamad Ryan Z D - 18 March 2017

Sabtu, 11 Maret 2017






This is the first time I have made a blog,actually I don't  know about how to make it, how to write on it but now I did it! LOL

My name is MOHAMAD RYAN ZULIANSYAH DA'UN,don't you wondering why my last name is kind of weird name? nooo, that name was given by my father clan called Da'un from MANADO,NORTH SULAWESI. SO, that is not A RANDOM NAME,LOL

you can call me Ryan

First of all thanks to Allah SWT who has given his bless to us,I made this blog because for my subject in my class that is CREATIVE WRITING and this blog will be full of English Language so that is why made this blog ,haha

To be honest , I don't know what should I write on it and what should i do to this but I will write on ma blog with full of my heart and with my best.
Beside this blog is for fun, it is also for improve and increase my English Skill, I wish my Blog could inspired the readers... LOL